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Nishikawa The town
with Mt. Gassan

Standing at 1,984m above sea level, Mt. Gassan is the highest of the three sacred mountains called Dewa Sanzan. There are 5 municipalities in the surrounding vicinity. Tourists familiar with summer skiing and trekking particularly visit Mt. Gassan from Nishikawa. The mountain is rich with alpine plants that are said to number more than 350 in variety. Mt. Gassan is continuously adorned with a wide variety of flowers from late June to mid September.

Mt. Gassan movie gallery Mt. Gassan movie gallery

See stunning views visible from Mt. Gassan and changing mountain colors through the fours seasons!!

  • Fantastic Four Seasons: Springtime

  • Fantastic Four Seasons: Summertime

  • Fantastic Four Seasons: Autumntime

  • Fantastic Four Seasons: Wintertime

Events Events

  • Mt. Gassan Summer Skiing

    April to July

    Mt. Gassan Summer Skiing

    While other ski slopes are closed, skiers can still ski down the Mt. Gassan Ski Slopes which are open from April until July.
    In the warm climate, enjoy invigorating skiing and snowboarding amid the contrast of the “blues” skies, “white” snow, and new “greenery” of spring.

  • Mt. Gassan Flower Trekking

    July to August

    Mt. Gassan Flower Trekking

    While Mt. Gassan stands less than 2,000 meters, there are many alpine plants thriving which are usually found only on mountains higher than 3,000 meters because it receives a full measure of seasonal winds from the Sea of Japan. The site of them blooming beside the snow is referred to as “snow field vegetation” and is a phenomena of high scientific importance. Looking at the delicate plants will make your face broaden with a smile before you realize it.

  • Mt. Gassan Autumn Leaves Trekking

    September to October

    Mt. Gassan Autumn Leaves Trekking

    The autumn leaves are at the peak of their beauty in the middle of September. They start turning color around the summit, then their new colors appear in the vicinity of the ski lift in the middle of October. The wide variety of hues and tints unique to Mt. Gassan, one of the few areas in Japan with heavy snowfall, create a world like a picture scroll of nature.

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